Every single time I pick up my camera, I’m very conscious of the fact that I’m creating a lifelong record that says:

You are here

You are necessary and important

But most of all, YOU are loved.

This is what I strive to say with every click of the shutter, because, to me, where we are and who we are, right now, is worth celebrating.

About me

I'm a former journalist, a mum to two tiny people (Logan, 4 and Calla, 2). I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe and now I live in south west London with my wonderful, long-suffering husband and the world's fluffiest, grumpiest cat. You can see my tribe below.  

I picked up a Canon DSLR seven years ago and was absolutely hooked the first time I looked through the lens. I started off photographing wildlife (I convinced my husband we needed to have our honeymoon in Uganda, purely so I could photograph gorillas in the wild), and when we started our family a little while later, I realised that I didn't need to travel to far flung and exotic countries to indulge in my passion, life with a baby was just as wild and wonderful closer to home.

My Style

As a former journalist, I really want to tell the story of who you are, right now. Whether you book an in-home or outdoor photography session, I aim to capture authentic family images which show real emotion.

I want to capture the way you look at your children in the full and frank knowledge that you never imagined loving anyone so fully.

I want to photograph those 'I love you so much  I could burst' squeezes and cuddles, because (whether they realise it or not), you are your child's first hero, championing them on through life.

I want to capture the fierce pride you feel when you look at your family together and the way your partner looks at you, full of love and awe because they really do know just what an amazing parent you are.

Being a parent can be hard, but I know I wouldn't want things any other way. As a photographer, I aim to do for your family the same thing I do for mine, every single time I pick up my camera: Show you just how unique and wonderful you and your children are, right now.

As a mum of two tiny tots I know how quickly children change and grow and how important all of their milestones are. I'd love to help you create lasting memories of your family to treasure. I can't wait to meet you and your family.

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Photo by the amazing Jenny Diaz Photography

Photo by the amazing Jenny Diaz Photography