Freezing time | London Family Photographer

When my 3-year-old was a baby I just wanted to freeze time at each of his milestones, the first time he smiled at 5 weeks, those adorable baby giggles that followed a month or two later, the first time he crawled, those first wobbly steps - with my children time just seems to be speeding by so fast.

So each time I pick up my camera, whether it is for my own family or someone else's, I am really just trying to freeze time, to preserve a memory of what our lives and our little people are like, right now.

This gorgeous family - who are good friends of mine - allowed me into their home to capture a glimpse of what their 'right now' looks like.

Their one-year-old is one of the happiest babies I know. His smiles light up the whole room and he is just about up on his feet and interested in everything, and he really looks up to his big sister. Can you tell how much she adores him? I really love how feisty and full of fun she is, she is also really caring and so sweet with younger children, a real little mother hen.

They have a fantastic father who takes them out on big adventures (what amazing memories they'll have of their childhood when they are older) and a mum who always seems so calm and capable amidst the chaos that is life with two small children, she's an inspiration. What a privilege it was to spend some time with this amazing family.

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Toddler girl on sofa | Kirsty Hamilton Photography
Sibling love | Kirsty Hamilton Photography