Tiny miracles | London Family Photographer

There is something so precious about having a newborn baby in the house and so it was nothing less than an absolute joy for me to spend some time with a friend of mine and her gorgeous, brand new little guy who made a fairly dramatic entrance into this world.

Dramatic arrival

Jack's arrival was so quick that his father ended up having to deliver him at home, because there were no ambulances available and the midwives wouldn't make it to them on time.
Luckily, he did a magnificent job. He reassured his lovely wife that help was on the way and then went on with calmly delivering the little guy.

Safe and sound

Little Jack arrived safely and the midwives weren't too far behind, he along with his amazing mum Dana, were soon given the all clear.

Not only does Jack have two absolute heroes as parents, he is also lucky enough to have an adoring big brother and doting older sister, he is completely surrounded by love. It was a real privilege to visit and take some photographs of this special time for my friend and her beautiful family.

Need a newborn photographer?

Do you have a newborn on the way? Get in touch, I'd love to help capture some beautiful memories of this special time for you, so in years to come you'll have a tangible reminder of just how amazing those first few weeks with your new baby are.