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I love a newborn session. Tiny babies, heart-melting moments with the proud parents and (if there are siblings around) the sheer unpredictability of how it will all unfold.

I've just finished editing a session from the weekend, with a four-week-old Sebastian whose older brother Josh was feeling a little under the weather. All he wanted was to snuggle up somewhere with his dummy and his sheepy and not pander to the whims of some crazy lady cooing over his new little brother with a camera.

To be honest, I think he handled the situation in exactly the right way, he was determined to  just hide behind a pillow and not emerge until the world made sense again!

Toddler hiding from baby | Kirsty Hamilton Photography

I didn't mind him hiding behind a pillow, and I thought his subsequent cushion fort was a work of genius. He may not have felt up to smiling for the camera or cuddling his brother but we still got some really lovely photos of the whole family. 

I didn't ask Josh to sit still and smile for the camera, I let him build his cushion fort, cuddle up to his mum, have his dummy (although when we did get him to part with it, I made sure to capture some photos then) and when he started to show an interest in what was going on, we got him involved in the family photos.

Toddler with dummy

I don't pose babies

I don't pose babies when I do my newborn sessions. As much as I love a cute picture of a baby all trussed up, those kinds of photos don't really portray any kind of reality I'm familiar with. Instead, I love the huge range of expressions new babies make, I love the detail in their tiny hands and feet and I love the way they fit so snuggly in their parents arms.

Natural newborn pose

Capturing your 'right now'

As a lifestyle photographer what I'm really interested in, is capturing a sense of how you feel during this momentous change in your life. I want to help you to remember, in the future, how tiny that brand new person felt in your arms, that no matter how exhausted you were, you'd look into those slightly unfocused baby eyes, breathe in that new baby smell and know that you never imagined you'd love anyone so much.

The multiple child juggle

If it's your second (or third, or fourth...) baby I want you to remember doing the 'multiple child juggle', where although you might feel as if you are being torn in two (or three), everyone else is marvelling at how effortlessly you seem to be managing the situation.

Mum with baby and toddler | Natural newborn photography | Kirsty Hamilton Photography

I want you to remember tiny hands clasping tightly onto your finger, those adorable yawns and almost-smiles, the way your heart melts every time you see your other children cuddling or kissing their new sibling. But mostly I want you to remember your heart expanding along with the realisation that your family now feels that much more complete with the addition of your new, tiny, little heart-thief.

If you are looking for someone to capture some natural and lasting memories with your new little bundle, or you are expecting a new baby, please do get in touch by heading on over to my contact page. I'd love to help you out.