Your memories matter to me

Every time I pick up my camera, I'm very conscious of the fact that I am capturing precious memories. Memories of you and your children, as you are, right now.

And parents, those memories really matter, have a look around your home, through your albums and on your phone, I bet you have lots of photos of your children but how many of your family photos do you appear in?

I hope there are many, because as well as being precious to you, those memories are going to be precious to your children too, in years to come.

Whether you work, or stay at home, are doing it all on your own or have tons of support, whether there are just two, or ten in your family, you are the heart and centre of that very special unit.

You are necessary, irreplaceable and very loved by those little people you have made.

And as they grow, as well as seeing photos of themselves and remembering happy or fun times, they will want to see photos of you laughing and loving them, just as you do every single day (even the very hard ones!)

So don't delay - book your session now!

Family and seagull at London Bridge