Each family is unique, with its own quirks and in-jokes and is made up of individual personalities who contribute to the crazy chaos of everyday life in their own special way. As a mother of two small children I know all too well how some days seem never-ending and yet our children seem to grow in the blink of an eye. Chubby baby cheeks and gummy giggles are soon gone and those first wobbly steps quickly morph into a running bundle of energy far too busy for long cuddles and kisses. When I look at my children, right now, I want to make sure I remember my daughter's untameable curls, her unsteady baby legs, (those side knees rolls) and that cheeky look she gets when she knows she's doing something she is not supposed to. I want to remember my son's intense concentration when he is involved in a task, his current obsessions with train tracks and race cars and the way he laughs with his whole body, when he is happy, he is pure joy. There really is something absolutely extra-ordinary in the humdrum  business of our everyday lives and I love capturing that when I pick up my camera. Whether you book an in-home or outdoor session (or a mixture of both), I aim to try and capture a glimpse of what your lives are like, right now and make memories for you to treasure in years to come.

Indoor sessions

Our homes are where we spend most of our time as a family, a place of refuge, they reflect our personalities, each room telling its own story. I love taking photographs of people in their own homes as it is often where we feel most comfortable. I prefer to do at-home sessions in the morning (around 10am) as I use natural light where-ever possible and this is usually when the light is best. Sessions take around 60-90minutes. When you book your session we talk about which rooms in your house have the best light and which rooms will be the best for photos. We don't have to do the whole session indoors, if you have a lovely garden or a park you like to go to nearby, we can do a mixture of indoor and outdoor photos.

Outdoor sessions

We are so lucky to have so many gorgeous outdoor locations on our doorstep, Richmond Park, Battersea Park, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Tooting and Clapham Commons not to mention those hidden gems (like the Fulham Palace walled garden and Cannizaro House in Wimbledon) which very few people know about. And what better way is there to make lasting memories with your team of adventurers than to have your family photographs taken in a lovely location? Where is your favourite place to go? Let me know and I'll meet you there for a 60-90minute action-packed session and we'll create a gallery of family photographs you'll treasure in years to come. 

I also offer seasonal outdoor mini sessions. Spring shoots (for beautiful bluebell, rhododendron and azalea photos) take place at the Isabella plantation in Richmond Park. Summer sessions at the Mayfield Lavender Farm and Fulham Palace walled garden and Autumn golden-hour photoshoots in the commons are also on offer. I only schedule a limited number of these sessions, if you are keen to hear about them before anyone else do sign up here.