There is something wonderful about growing a tiny human inside you and I love photographing expectant mothers. I offer both in-home and outdoor maternity shoots which can be booked on their own or in conjunction with a newborn shoot.


Maternity sessions

Maternity sessions can be booked on their own - or with a newborn session at a discounted price, (click here for pricing details). Maternity sessions last about an hour and can be done outdoors or in the comfort of your home. I suggest we do your session in the third trimester between 34 and 37 weeks as this is when your bump is likely to be prominent enough to photograph beautifully without you feeling too uncomfortable!

Newborn sessions

Newborn sessions take place in the peace and quiet of your own home. They are slightly longer than family sessions (they last between 90minutes and 2 hours) so that you feel relaxed and we have time to incorporate feeds as well as capture your tiny bundle awake and asleep. I do not bring any accessories to my newborn sessions, nor do I pose newborns. My sessions tend to be more natural, focusing on the bond between your tiny baby and the other members of your family. I find that the best time to schedule these sessions is in the morning as this is when everyone is most comfortable and babies (and siblings) are less likely to be too fussy.