Amidst the newborn haze, Kirsty captured sweetness, love and most importantly PURE, GENUINE JOY” ~ Felicity

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Family and newborn baby girl in London

Every single time I walk into a home for a newborn session, I feel so privileged to be capturing such precious memories for a family.

Freezing moments in time that will matter so much in years to come.

Because the truth is that motherhood is not instagram-perfect. It is raw and real. It is you fighting to bring a new life into this world and then sacrificing your sleep, your body (and sometimes your sanity) in a bid to ensure that precious baby of yours thrives.

When I look back on they days when my babies were brand new, I find that I want to remember my endless fascination with those tiny frowns, yawns, stretches and smiles. I want to remember how my son curled into my chest, snuffling away in sleep. How my daughter’s tiny head almost fit into the palm of my hand.

I want to remember that slightly terrifying, all-encompassing, gut-punching rush of love and emotion the moment you realised you had become a mother for the first, second, third or even fourth time.

I want to remember how we adjusted to our lives changing forever.

This is why I don’t pose newborns.

I love every minute of celebrating the magical first moments of a new life, of celebrating you and your family in those raw and real moments of new parenthood.

Natural newborn photography sessions, just about my favourite part of my job!

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